About Me

I received my MSW from Smith College School for Social Work, as well as 3 years of post-graduate training in depth psychotherapy at the Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley.


In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I provide community-based psychotherapy to foster youth and juvenile offenders in Alameda County through a local non-profit agency based in Oakland.  I have provided psychotherapy and consultation services in various community-based clinics in the bay area, as well as Kaiser San Francisco’s department of Psychiatry, and have extensive experience with adolescents and families, as well as adult individuals and couples who struggle with a trauma background.  Prior to my degree in social work, I studied poststructural philosophy extensively at both UC Santa Cruz and the University of Chicago, leading to an interest in the clinical application of poststructural philosophy, as well as its implications for contemporary psychoanalytic theories of self-consciousness.  

In addition to my clinical training, I have also contributed to the field of  psychotherapy and analytic theory through both written publications and speaking engagements, and am on the teaching faculty at The Psychotherapy Institute, The Wright Institute, The Women's Therapy Center and The Ann Martin Center.  I find that ongoing study through these forums informs and enlivens my practice.

Professional Affiliations

Jenessa Radocchio, LCSW (lcs 28991)